How to Use VigRX Oil to Increase Your Size Quickly and Perform Better

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sizeDoes size matter? Well, according to many women out there, performance matters more than your size. True enough, it is how you make use of your size that’s more important. But, what if you can’t even keep your penis erect long enough to satisfy your woman? If you can’t last even for more than a few minutes, you’re doomed.

Low libido and poor stamina in the bedroom can even make the strongest man cry for help. If you got the same bedroom issues, trying a male enhancement product like VigRX Oil can help you experience the difference it can make. The best thing about using a topical gel, lotion or oil is that you will experience fewer side effects compared to a pill or supplement. Even so, you should see your doctor if you notice a sudden change in your libido or erections.

Sexual changes could indicate a hidden physical problem and this is why it’s important to always talk to your doctor when you notice any drastic differences. This article will help you understand how erections happen and why a male enhancement oil can be the answer. Be sure to read right to the end, so you’ll understand how the ingredients in such topical products work, and why VigRX Plus is one of the top products for men.

Things You Need to Know About the Complex Process of Erection

During arousal, you may think that an erection happens quick and easy. What you don’t know is that inside your body, a complex series of physical and chemical changes are taking place.

In response to a sexual stimulus, a part of your brain will send messages to your genitals through the nervous system to release hormones that will relax the muscles and blood vessels around and in your penis. When the muscles and blood vessels relax, blood will flow increasingly to the two sponge-like chambers in the penis until it becomes enlarged and full. The pressure inside the penis will cause the muscle at the base of the penis to contract, thus trapping the blood in.

erectionThroughout the whole process, your brain, other past of the nervous system and your reproductive organs are transmitting messages back and forth for the release of chemicals that enable the physical changes to take place during arousal, erection, and orgasm.

Poor erections can occur if there is not enough blood flow to the penis, which can happen for several reasons. For example, an injury or disorder that affects a part of the nervous system responsible for transmitting messages during arousal may stop you from getting an erection. Narrowed blood vessels may also restrict blood flow resulting to a limp or short lasting erection. Psychological issues may also make it difficult for you to get or stay aroused.

Being unable to stay erect long enough to satisfy your partner can be utterly frustrating and embarrassing. It can hit your confidence hard. It may affect your relationship and may cause you psychological problems.

With or without an erection problem, VigRX Oil can help you restore or improve your sexual health.

Topical Male Enhancement Products: How VigRX Oil May Help You

feedbackWith all the available male enhancing products, it’s hard to determine which work and does not. Before you spend your cash on something it pays to know more about a product. That’s why reading reviews is so important. You’ll find lots of feedback from other men on the VigRX Plus website, but how will VigRX Oil help you in your bedroom woes?

Firstly, it could give you an erection in less than one minute after application of the oil. That’s how fast VigRX Oil could penetrate into your skin and into your bloodstream. Its components help to promote increased blood flow to the penis, and may give you solid and long-lasting erections. However, it won’t be able to help you one bit if you are not sexually aroused. You need to be sexually stimulated for an erection to take place because it activates your brain, which starts the erection process.

When there is increased blood flow to the penis, many things follow. The sensitivity of your penis will increase, which makes sex more pleasurable, orgasm becomes more intense and penetration is a lot easier.

Moreover, VigRX Oil contains ingredients that can could make you energized, which may even enable you to last longer for a few rounds.

VigRX Oil may also have long-term effects. Frequent increased blood flow exercises the muscles and the blood vessels around and in the penis may eventually contribute to a slight increase in the size of your penis.

VigRX Oil is also easy to apply and won’t give your penis a sticky feel. What more could you ask for from a product that’s easy to use yet will give you positive results?

What is in VigRX Oil That Makes It Effective: Why the Ingredients Matter So Much for Men

Did you know that VigRX Oil is a product of a ten-year research? It took 10 years of research to formulate the unique blend of ingredients in VigRX Oil, because the manufacturers wanted to make sure their product is effective and worth your money.

What’s more, VigRX oil does not contain harsh ingredients or anything that will harm you in the end. Its main ingredients are natural and scientifically proven to improve your sexual experience.

The natural ingredients found in VigRX Oil include:

1. Epimedium Leaf: Also known as horny goat weed, epimedium leaf is a popular traditional and modern remedy for erection and libido problems in Chinese medicine.

Legend has it that a goat shepherd discovered the effects of epimedium leaf when the goats he is looking after were actively copulating after eating them. Hence, it’s another name horny goat weed.

One of the major components of epimedium leaf that renders its effect on improving erection is a molecule called icariin. It inhibits the action of PDE5, a protein that lies in the smooth muscles of the penis. PDE5 or phosphodiesterase type 5 interrupts the function cyclic GMP or guanosine monophosphate, which is necessary for the release of nitric oxide, a substance needed to dilate the blood vessels for increased blood flow.

2. Cuscuta Seed: Local farmers from where this vine originates consider this plant as a parasite and a nuisance because it lives off through another plant. Surprisingly, other people value the plant highly because of its medicinal effects and its benefits on men’s sexual health.

According to some research, Cuscuta seed helps increase production of nitric oxide, which facilitates increased blood flow to the penis. It improves the intracavernous pressure in the penis, which could result in a more solid erection. Additionally, it may increase a man’s fertility by protecting the sperm from free radical damage.

ginkgo biloba3. Ginkgo Biloba: Ginkgo Biloba is a name you frequently hear or read when in a list of natural remedies. Although there is not much scientific proof that gingko Biloba does improve erections, experts admit that it can help increase blood flow, which is important in achieving an erection.

Warning: Before using anything with gingko Biloba, consult with your doctor if you are taking anticoagulant medication, such as warfarin.

4. Asian Red Ginseng: Also known as Korean red ginseng or Panax ginseng, Asian red ginseng is a popular traditional remedy, especially in some parts of Asia where the herb originates. It’s also a common ingredient in varying male enhancing products. Asian red ginseng may help improve sex drive, blood flow and stamina for enhanced sexual performance.

5. Muira Puama: Muira puama is a plant native to the rainforests in Amazon. True to its name, which means potency wood, Muira puama may benefit men who suffer from low libido.

According to a study conducted in France, out of the 262 male participants who had libido and erection problems, 62 percent reported improvements on their sex drive, while 51 percent reported improvements in their erection problems.

Other than improving libido and erection ability, Muira puama may indirectly benefit a man’s sexual health because it helps ease stress and fatigue.

6. Catuaba Bark: The Catuaba plant, which originates from the rainforests in the northern part of Brazil, has long been used by the Tupi Indians as a remedy for impotence and to increase sexual stamina.

Today, you can find many male enhancing supplements that contain Catuaba bark extract. The plant contains tannins, alkaloids, and resin fatty acids, which all help to improve a man’s sexual health. Catuaba bark is also an energy booster and mood uplifter, which could make a man more responsive to sexual stimulation.

7. Hawthorn Berry: Hawthorn berry is a known remedy for improving heart health because it helps prevent the formation of plaque in arterial walls, which could cause atherosclerosis or narrowing of arteries. It also helps strengthen arteries and blood vessels to ensure better blood flow.

According to experts, what’s good for the heart is always good for erection. Not only does it protect the arteries but it also stimulates the endothelial cells found in the lining of blood vessels to produce more nitric oxide.

8. Apart from these potent natural ingredients, VigRX Oil also contains the following:

  • WaterShea butter
  • Water
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Vitamin C
  • Apricot kernel oil

All of these ingredients work hand-in-hand and could provide you longer lasting and more solid erections. You may be able to say goodbye to your boring sex life and warn your partner for the rough days to come in the bedroom.  She will be thrilled to know.


How Does VigRX Oil Work: What You Need to Know About Topical Male Enhancement

You may think that VigRX Oil won’t get into the bloodstream quick because it’s a topical male enhancement solution, but that’s not true. It uses an advanced method of absorption called the German Transdermal Delivery System, which ensures maximum absorption of nutrients when you apply the product on your skin.

sexUpon application on the penis, the oil penetrates deep into the penile tissue layers and could provide you with an erection in just 60 to 90 seconds at most. You won’t have to wait to take it an hour or two before or after a meal to have sex. You can use it anytime of the day and then wait for a minute after application, and you may be ready to get the action started.

What’s more? VigRX oil is water-based. It does not contain mineral oil or any petroleum product so it gets easily absorbed and won’t give you that sticky feel, which could possibly get you in the mood. It also has no artificial flavors and no added artificial colors, which makes VigRX Oil ideal for oral sex because it won’t leave residues or an undesirable taste to the mouth.

To further enhance the effect of VigRX Oil, you can safely use it together with VigRX Plus. Unlike VigRX Oil, which provides instant effects, VigRX Plus has a formulation that could improve your sexual health over time.

VigRX Oil reviews mostly narrate positive stories upon using it. For an unbiased review on the product, click this.

How to Use VigRX Oil: It’s So Simple, It May Surprise You

If you’re wondering if you need to perform a special ritual before using VigRX Oil, the answer is no. You can use it when you need it without the extra fuss of preparing anything but your penis.

If you are a first time user, try applying it first in a small amount over a small area of the penis to observe some reactions. Adverse reactions are unlikely but it is far better to be safe than sorry.

If there are no reactions, proceed to massaging drops of the oil all over your penis until it becomes erect and solid.

Try masturbating first, so you can become familiar with how it works and feels on your penis and how much you need to achieve the result you desire. Do not use VigRX Oil if you suffer from any sexual disease, or if your penis has a broken or irritated skin.

What are the Possible Side Effects of VigRX Oil?

doctorVigRX Oil is mainly a combination of potent herbs. It’s natural and unlikely to cause any ill effects. Based on users VigRX Oil reviews on side-effects, it is safe to use without the fear of suffering any kind of adverse effect later. However, to be sure you need to consult your doctor first for the following:

  • If you’re taking any medication for an illness. The ingredients found in VigRX Oil may interact with the drugs.
  • If you have skin allergies. If you’re allergic to one of its ingredients irritation and other allergic reactions may occur so avoid use or discontinue use. Ask your doctor first.
  • If you suffer from a heart disease. Some ingredients in VigRX Oil may increase blood pressure, which may harm you.

Before using any male enhancing product, it’s best to consult your doctor first to avoid any unwanted reactions. Even if a product states it contains all-natural ingredients, adverse reactions or side-effects can still possibly occur. Don’t take the chance.

Where to Buy VigRX Oil

onlineIf you want to try VigRX Oil and see the results for yourself, you may purchase it online where you can compare VigRX Oil prices but be sure you are buying it from a trusted site. You can’t be too lenient these days when transacting online because of the proliferating sites that scam and sell fake products. You can find VigRX Oil on Amazon or you can buy VigRX Oil in Walmart.

Better yet, you can buy from their official site. They offer a money-back guarantee so if you’re not satisfied with the product, you can get your cash back. This only shows that VigRX Oil manufacturers are confident enough in the quality of their products that they are willing to give your money back.

You can also find VigRX Oil sites for your respective country, so you won’t have to pay excessive shipping costs. VigRX Oil is a bestseller in India. If you’re looking for VigRX Oil prices in India, visit their India official site.

If you want to regain your active and exciting sex life, VigRX Oil is a male enhancing product you should give a try. Like any product, it may not work for all men. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, because you can always get your money back with their guarantee.

Is your sex life going downhill because low libido or poor stamina? VigRX Oil could be the product to come to your sexual rescue.

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