An Honest Review of Vigrx Plus Results: Pros, Cons and Performance

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An Honest Review of Vigrx Plus Results: Pros, Cons and Performance

Problems in the bedroom have plagued males for a long time. Various sexual problems like erectile dysfunction and low libido are well known to the common population. Although it is more common in older men, sexual problems may happen to males at any age.

Given how vexing it is to suffer from a lack of intimacy due to these problems, it isn’t shocking why people have been searching for answers. Although there are many effective synthetic solutions on the market, natural remedies have always been a viable option, too.

This is mainly because herbal remedies come with fewer side effects, work for the long term by targeting the main causes, and are generally less expensive and easier to find. Enter the male enhancement niche that features herbal remedies men have used throughout the ages.

The makers have taken the time to do clinical studies on this product, and you may be surprised by the VigRX Plus results that real men and their partners have reported. This is not an endorsement for this product; it is a review on the research results and the opportunity to take an in-depth look at its claims vs. the real results.

VigRX Plus: Is It An All Natural Viagra Substitute?

male enhancement drugVigRX Plus is a pill that may help to increase male libido and improve sexual performance. This pill is the second release of this male enhancement drug, since there are additions to the original formulation for better results.

This male virility supplement improves the blood flow to the genitals with the help of a special blend of herbs and other nutrients. Based on the product label, people taking this pill can increase sexual desire and satisfaction, the ability to penetrate and maintain erections, and improve the quality of orgasms and satisfaction, as supported by clinical trials.

Although there’s a disclaimer that results may vary from person to person, there are still many members of the male population who clamor to get their hands on this herbal pill. VigRX Plus is made from 100 percent natural ingredients.

The aphrodisiacs present in VigRX come from potent herbal extracts from various parts of the world spanning from South America to Europe and China. Since this dietary pill focuses on the use of herbal products in meeting its promises, it is safe for consumption.

VigRX Plus: How to Use This Dietary Supplement for Improved Male Virility

Since VigRX delivers improved sexual functions in the form of a pill, you won’t need a lesson on how to take this dietary supplement. It is best to take two pills at diverse intervals daily. You need to take one in the morning and another one at night. But the dose would depend on your sexual activity.

Always refer to your doctor if you have a prior medical complaint. Take the pills with a glass of water.

Most people who took the pill started to notice a positive improvement on their sexual prowess four to five months after taking the pill. The results also vary from person to person.

By now, some people would be wondering where to buy VigRX Plus. For this, you may visit VigRX Plus official website if you are looking for the best place to buy the supplement.

clinical testsVigRX Plus prices, clinical tests, and other vital product data about this male enhancer is also available at the site. Aside from the accounts of its users, this pill comes highly recommended because of its 67-day money back guarantee.

Try not to look for VigRX Plus on Amazon or other websites, since it is much safer to get the pill right from the site to ensure you are getting the real deal with the full potency and freshness. The other sites do not generally offer a money-back guarantee, as well.

VigRX Plus in Focus: The Potent Ingredients Behind the Top Selling Male Supplement

What makes VigRX Plus for men effective? The best way to answer this question is to do a quick check on the listed ingredients. Based on the product label, here are the top ingredients in this supplement and what they can do for your body.

  • BioPerine: VigRX Plus features this patented ingredient that comes from the Indian black pepper fruit extract. For more than 20 years, this has been used to improve the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. In fact, this is one of the three essential herbs in Ayurvedic remedies.

Studies reveal that with BioPerine, the body can increase absorption by as high as 30 percent. Used with other active ingredients, Bioperine can increase the efficacy of those compounds. At the same time, it improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients making the supplement more effective.

  • Korean Red Ginseng: Also known as Asian ginseng, this is an herbal remedy and treating male erectile dysfunction is among its many uses. Ginseng fights stress. Many supplements include ginseng since it helps strengthen the immune system. But people with heart issues require their doctor’s go signal before using this herb.
  • Saw Palmetto: Among the uses of the ripe fruit of this plant is to cure an enlarged prostate. Aside from that, saw palmetto also acts as a sexual enhances. Needless to say, a person who plans to undergo surgery should stay away from using saw palmetto since it can slow down blood clots.
  • Hawthorne BerryHawthorne Berry: This herb contains phytochemicals that help improve the circulatory system. By making the heart muscles stronger, this berry promotes healthy blood pressure levels and lowers cholesterol. Care must be taken though if you are taking heart medicines or have a heart problem.
  • Ginko Biloba: Known for being a memory enhancer, this herb can do more than give you a sharper mind. On top of being useful for regulating blood pressure and in treating respiratory diseases, ginko biloba is also a performance enhancing herb. This herb has been used to reverse the decrease in sexual performance in people taking antidepressants.
  • Damiana Leaf: This ingredient is found in pills that enhance libido and address problems in sexual dysfunction. This wild shrub is an aphrodisiac used in treating issues related to a person’s sexual drive and performance. At the same time, it helps maintain mental and physical stamina.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Improving athletic and sexual performance is among the benefits linked to this vine. This herb’s primary usage involves treating issues with sex drive. Limited studies also show how this can help address infertility issues.
  • Muira Puama: This plant has been nicknamed “the Viagra of the Amazon” because of its potent effects on a person’s sexual drive and performance. In a clinical study with 262 patients, 62 percent reported an increase in libido while 51 percent claimed improvements in maintaining an erection. Based on the data, the use of this plant improved the sexual function’s physical and psychological aspects.
  • Catuaba extract: This herb’s bark has many uses. Often, it is taken as a tonic to help with agitation, sleeping problems and in keeping stable blood pressure levels. Aside from that, it can heighten arousal and improve male sexual performance.
  • Cuscuta Seed Extract: Also known as the Dodder plant, this parasitic vine contains flavonoids and antioxidants. In traditional Chinese medicine, the extract is used to cure infertility. The extract from the seeds helps protect the membranes of the sperm cells making it a possible cure for male impotence.
  • Epimedium LeafEpimedium Leaf Extract: Fondly called horny goat weed, this herb has many uses from joint pains to improving sexual performance. This herb improves blood flow and helps address involuntary ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. This could also help those men who suffer from lack of sexual drive.

All these herbs are listed on the label of the pill. They are also all natural just like what the manufacturers claim. Each of the ingredients has potent extracts that could help for address sexual problems. Some heighten arousal to improve a man’s sexual desire.

Overall, it is safe to take this pill, although it is vital to consult your doctor to know if there could be any problems for you. You also need to ask clearance from your doctor if you are taking other drugs or are dealing with a medical condition. Although it is natural, even herbs and vitamins can cause interactions with other supplements and medications, food allergies and other medical reactions.

VigRX Plus Pros: Improved Male Virility, Enhanced Sexual Performance

Given the stellar recommendations that users are giving VigRX, it’s no surprise why a lot of men are looking for this new wonder drug. Although it’s hard to find Vigrx Plus results before and after pictures, there are many users who attest to feeling good after taking the supplement. Among the reported changes include:

  • Greater Sexual Drive: Stress, medicines, and tons of other reasons can dampen a man’s libido. Many users loved this pill because it brought back their appetite for sex.
  • Staying Power: After taking this supplement, users had positive things to say about the improvements in their ability to last longer in the bedroom. Some even reported that they could stay hard even after ejaculating.
  • Improvement in Overall Sexual Performance: After taking the supplement for about four months, users noticed that there were positive changes in their bedroom skills. Aside from enhanced erectile function, users reported better orgasms.
  • Bigger Erections: This dietary supplement may not increase the size of a person’s penis but it can improve the blood flow in that area. Many users report having bigger penile sizes and harder erections. This quality makes it easier to penetrate and pleasure women.
  • Higher Confidence LevelsHigher Confidence Levels: Among all the benefits that VigRX has on the male population, this is the most impressive. Given the ability of the users to last longer and to pleasure their partners, they are more confident.
  • Made From All Natural Ingredients: VigRX is made from natural ingredients, unlike most prescription drugs for sexual dysfunction.
  • VigRX Plus Makers Are Not New: The makers of VigRX Plus, Leading Edge Health, have been in the business a long time. There are many reviews on the web, and they are even doctor-endorsed.

Cons: Vigrx Plus Side Effects, Health Warnings, and Contraindications

While there are many things to recommend VigRX, the drug comes with limitations and some warnings. It is vital to think of the cons of taking this male virility pill to keep your health and expectations in check.

  • Results Start to Appear After Four Months: While some people may not be in a hurry to feel the changes in their body, there are those who want instant results. With this pill, you can only start feeling big improvements after taking it for about four months.
  • Not Readily Available: Right now, the easiest place to get this pill is online. It is hard to find at a local drug store, so you have to order in advance to avoid running out of pills.
  • Results Are Not Permanent: One other struggle that some users face is the fact that continued intake of the supplements is needed. If you stop taking the pills, your erect penile will slowly decrease and go back to its normal size.
  • May Cause Nausea: When taking the pill, there are males who felt dizzy or had diarrhea. Some users suggest drinking enough water after taking it to avoid these side effects.

Aside from the possible side effects and the drawbacks in taking this supplement, it is also vital to consult a doctor before taking it. People with heart ailments and other health issued that require maintenance drugs need to check in with their doctor. Potent ingredients in VigRX may cause unwanted effects when taken with their medication.

VigRX Plus Results: Verifiable Results Based on Clinical Trials

dietary supplementThere are many compelling client accounts about VigRX and its results. But this is not a substitute for clinical testing. Good thing, there are clinical tests to correlate the effects of this dietary supplement on its users.

In a triple-blind study by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt Ltd., VigRX Plus results had significant effects versus a placebo based on the International Index of Erectile Function. Since it was a triple blind trial, participants, doctors and researchers had no knowledge who were taking the placebo and who were taking the supplements.

During the 12-week trial, there were significant differences between the placebo group and the control group, namely:

  • 82 percent increase in maintaining a full and firm erection during penetration. Keeping penile erections is the most common sexual problem that males are facing. Based on the trial, taking this pill could help healthy males sustain their erection during sex.
  • 97 percent improvement in the control group’s ability to penetrate their partner. Marked improvements in penetration ability and overall satisfaction were part of the feedback of the partners of the heterosexual male participants in the trial. Meanwhile, partners of men in the placebo group had a decrease in satisfaction levels.
  • 49 percent increase in orgasms. Male participants had more orgasms after taking the pill. As the primary indicator of sexual satisfaction, taking the pill led to having greater satisfaction than the placebo group.
  • 47 percent increase in sexual drive. Aside from helping men who had trouble with an erection, VigRX also improves the sexual drive. Given how these two are linked, this pill can be even better than prescription drugs since it helps with erection dysfunction while boosting a man’s sexual desire.
  • 43 percent improvement in satisfaction with intercourse and sexual activities. Basing on the response of the males who took the pill, they had a more pleasurable time after taking the supplement. The placebo group had an increase but at 12 percent, the control group’s participants were six times more satisfied.
  • sexual satisfaction61 percent increase in overall sexual satisfaction. After the trial, males who took the supplement reported that their overall sexual satisfaction was higher than before the trial. Meanwhile, the placebo’s satisfaction decreased during the 12 week period.

These clinical trials corroborate the claims of people who used the dietary supplement. The figures would speak for themselves.

This pill has so much potential in helping males who are having issues in performing up to par in the bedroom. While the trials support this claim, it goes without saying that this is just a supplement. Improvements in various aspects of a man’s sexual drive are possible.

After that clinical trial, about 90 percent still took the pill. Even the partners of the participants endorsed the pill because of its positive effects on sexual satisfaction.

There are many places where you can purchase this pill, but it is better to stick to order from the official website, so you can be sure that you are not getting a fake version of this dietary supplement. The manufacturers even offer a page on their website where you can check the validity of your product to make sure it is safe and the real deal.

There is no escaping the reality that what happens in the bedroom affects the kind of relationship you have with your partner. Although both men and women struggle with various sexual issues, men have to deal with erectile problems as a result of stress and other life factors. Bedroom problems such as this could make a dent in a man’s pride.

The best thing to do is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and address your stress. You will feel better, stronger and have more stamina by eating healthy, exercising regularly and getting lots of quality sleep. Avoid unhealthy habits like eating fast foods, smoking and excess consumption of alcohol. While you are working on that, a male enhancement product like VigRX Plus could help.

At the same time, VigRX Plus results could help a man satisfy not just his desires, but that of his partner, as well. Keep in mind that results may vary, but most users who tried this pill had great things to say about it. With their money-back guarantee, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try if your relationship could use a little help in the bedroom department.

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