How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed – Keep Her Begging for More

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How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed – Keep Her Begging for More

As you lay there stark naked with a huge grin on your face, have you asked yourself if your partner received the same satisfaction, too? Do not wait for the day when she finally walks out on you because you are not keeping up your end of the bargain. Yes, sex should be equally satisfying for you and your partner, so you need to do your part, too.

Learn how to satisfy a woman in bed. Follow these tips and you will have her begging for more.

1. Get to Know Her Deeper

A lot of men are clueless when it comes to satisfying a woman in bed. This is because they barely really know their partners enough to know what they want without having to ask them. Carefully observe what makes your partner happy and what gets her in the mood.

Does she love surprises? Is she happy when you help with chores? Getting her in the mood for intimacy is not just about touching her physically. If you want to know how to please women in the bedroom, keep reading.

2. Foreplay Starts Even Before You Get to the Bedroom

kissingOne common huge mistake men make is thinking and believing that satisfying women in bed is the same as it is for them. The truth is, women are not likely to get turned on easily by what they see. Another truth, their desire can go down the drain in a second when you do even the smallest things that annoy them. Female sexuality is a complex matter; you need to read between the lines.

This is where foreplay enters the scene. You have to get her in the mood and make sure she stays in the mood. Invest more time on foreplay and start before you even get to the bedroom. Ditch the habit of undressing and touching and kissing for a few minutes before heading to the main event.

This is not difficult at all. What you need to do is to create a romantic mood at the start of the day. Kiss her passionately before you head out for work or write her a sweet note or cook her breakfast. Send her a text message saying how much you are looking forward to getting home and be with her.

There are so many things you can do to build up her desire. Some women enjoy sexy images, so if you may want to think about how to satisfy a woman in bed with images or .pdf you send her. They can be of yourself or even the latest YouTube video.

Just be creative, and she might even be the first to initiate intimacy later tonight.

3. Make Her Feel Good About Herself

Women tend to be self-conscious and critical of their bodies, especially when they have to be naked. Blame it on those Victoria’s Secret models or those skinny, air-brushed women they see in magazines, but it’s no wonder women feel pressured to have flat tummies, huge boobs, perfect tresses and flawless skin.

Encourage her to release her inhibitions, so she can be confident in bed. Make her feel just as beautiful and sexy as the women in those magazines. Compliment her and tell her that you love her and still want her even with her not so toned legs and baby fat.

One more thing: do not let her catch you jacking off on sexy naked pics or videos of other women. This could greatly hurt her confidence. If you can’t help but admire sexy models or actresses, tell her that no matter how beautiful or sexy they are, they can’t even come close to her.

On another note, encourage your partner to stay fit. It would not be nice to let her believe that the 20 pounds she gained are still making her look sexy. Tell her you want her to feel healthy and live as long as possible, and work together to stay fit.

4. Communicate Your Needs and Fantasies

Communicate Your NeedsWomen tend to be givers when it comes to sex; however, just because she is more of a giver does not mean you have to take and take. She may be quiet, but do not assume she has no complaints or demands.

How to please a woman in bed every time? Open your communication about sex. Start by telling her how good she makes you feel when she does this or that. Then, ask her what makes her feel good and what gives her the best pleasure during sex.

Talking openly about your desires and sexual needs lead to better satisfaction. Who knows, you could be sharing similar sexual fantasies, and it won’t be long until you both act them out.

5. Educate Yourself About the Female Anatomy

Hitting her on her most sensitive spot guarantees 100-hundred percent satisfaction, but do you know where that spot is? Yes, that tiny button-like thing in between the labia is what they call the clitoris. Did you know that the clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings? That means it has twice as much as your penis has with over 4,000 nerve endings.

Now that you know the numbers, you can just imagine what clitoral stimulation could do to her. In fact, her clitoris could be the orgasm deal breaker. A lot of women cannot reach orgasm through vaginal penetration alone. Direct clitoral stimulation through licking, sucking and rubbing can help you do the job.

Observe what works for her or ask her to be sure.If you don’t reach your goal, don’t worry, not reaching orgasm once in awhile does not mean her experience is not sexually satisfying.

6. Go Down on Her

She loves it when you go down on her as much as you love her blowjobs. The trick is to be gentle with her because her clitoris is an extremely sensitive spot. Gentle and slow flicking of your tongue can make her body tremble. Pushing your tongue against her clitoris rough and hard may cause pain, which can put her off.

Another thing, going down on her in between penetrations will surely send her down the roller coaster of pleasure. If all else fails, this will surely be your key to how to please women in bed.

7. “Are You There Yet?” is a Question You Should Never Ask

will surely kill her sex driveWomen know that how to satisfy a man in bed is easy. Just slip on something sexy and that’s about it; however, unlike men, satisfying a woman sexually may take a longer time. Do not expect her to be over when you are over in just five minutes.

Asking her if she has already orgasmed only shows you are not paying attention, because if you are paying attention, you would have felt it. Plus, asking her makes her feel pressured to reach it quickly, which can take off her focus and may lead to anxiety. In short, asking her if she is there yet will surely kill her sex drive.

8. Locate Her G-Spot

The clitoris and G-spot are two different things, but stroking them could give her similar mind-blowing pleasure. Some women reach orgasm by stimulating the G-spot through penetration even without clitoral stimulation.

Locating a woman’s G-spot will not be easy. In fact, a lot of women don’t even know where their g-spot is, but do not worry, a few tricks will help you find her magic spot.

The G-spot is a bean-shaped tissue located about two inches on the front wall of the vagina. The front wall refers to the same side as her abdomen.

When locating her G-spot use your finger first, so you will be able to feel if you are hitting the right spot or not. Once your finger is inside, gently feel the tissues on the front wall by slightly curving your finger and moving it in a “come hither” motion. That rough-textured tissue that is different from the surrounding tissues is her G-spot.

If she suddenly reacts with pleasure then you know you have found it; however, not all women are G-spot sensitive, so do not despair if she does not react to the stimulation. If you want to learn more about her G-spot, just go here.

If you have successfully found it and mastered its location, you can now use different sex positions to hit her G-spot. Missionary with a pillow under her butt with her legs raised in the air will do the job.

9. Lasting Longer is How to Satisfy a Woman in Bed

Satisfy a Woman in BedAs mentioned earlier, women can take longer to reach orgasm, and a lot of men are guilty of getting there first and leaving their partners on the edge. Coming off to early can leave your partner frustrated and unsatisfied. This can leave feeling like you are less of a man because you will think you will forever be unable to satisfy ladies in bed, but techniques exist to give you a little assistance, so read on.

Premature ejaculation is a common problem among men. One of the reasons why premature ejaculation occurs is that during your younger years you have trained yourself to ejaculate quickly during masturbation or sex for fear of being caught.

If you constantly suffer from premature ejaculation, talk about with your partner so she will understand. She can even help you find ways on how to last longer in bed.

One of the best ways to control your ejaculation is to be familiar with the timing of your ejaculation through masturbation. Practice makes perfect, so practice a lot. Other ways of improving your stamina include the squeeze technique, deep breathing, and the stop and start technique.

Once you master these techniques, you will last in bed long enough to keep her satisfied.

10 . Keep Trying New Things

Doing the same things over and over again makes sex boring. It is like eating the same meal every day; even if it’s a sizzling steak or a hot pizza, it can get unappetizing if you have too much of it.

Are you still confused about how to please a woman sexually? Try different sex positions, have sex in a different place, have a quickie in public, but be discreet about it, have sex in the car, take her to a hotel, buy her lingerie or buy her a sex toy. There is an endless list of things you can do to keep the novelty from wearing out. Do not be afraid to try new things in the bedroom.

11. Be More Aggressive

Thanks to the movie, 50 Shades of Grey, a lot of women now like it rough. On occasions, and if she agrees to it, go to the bedroom and tie her hands to the bedpost, gently pull her hair or spank her. You can even do bondage as long as it helps your lady sexually. Just remember to share a “stop” word, so you can let off on the aggression if she has had enough.

Next time, let her be the aggressor and let her do anything as she wishes. This is an important tip in how to satisfy women in bed.

12. Talk Dirty to Her

Talk Dirty to HerShe may seem prim and proper out of bed, but secretly she wants you to talk dirty to her sometimes before and during the deed. Hearing words straight from your mouth of the nasty things you are going to do to her early in the day can send her in anticipation mode, and get her heart pounding.

Avoid using the lines you hear in porn, though. Instead, tell her about the things you want to do to her, how much you want her and how good she makes you feel. The key is to use sexy, and if she likes it, even nasty words. Communicate and find out what she likes to hear.

13. Treat Her Like a Stranger in The Bedroom

As much as women want to be made love to and be treated like a queen in the bedroom, they dream of having raunchy sex with you. Yep, sometimes she likes it rough. She likes you to ravish her like a hungry animal.

Depending on her mood, catch her off guard and kiss her hard, or take her from behind right there and then.

14. Kiss Her

Men often stop kissing their partners once penetration starts. Do not make the same mistake. Kissing your partner can make sex more intimate and passionate. It can even increase the pleasure because the lips are full of nerve endings, too.

Choose sex positions that allow you to see her face-to-face, either a missionary or on a couch with her on top. Vary your kiss according to the type of sex you are having. A slow and sensual kiss for a slow, romantic sex. A rough and firm kiss with a lot of tongue playing and sucking for raunchy sex. It all depends on her mood.

15. Play With Her Breasts During Sex

Play With Her BreastsWhen penetration starts, touching and stroking stops. This is common in men because their minds seem to be suspended somewhere during penetration. Stay focused on the deed and continue giving her intense pleasure by fondling her breasts, then gently sucking her nipples entirely during sex. Her nipples and her entire breasts are sensitive to touch because they are full of nerve endings.

Are you still wondering how to sexually satisfy a woman in bed? You do not have to be extremely good-looking or buff to keep her satisfied in bed. All it takes is communication and a little effort on your side. You may not be able to perfect these tips but knowing you made an effort is enough to keep her happy and satisfied.

Sex is a biological need that has to be met. Do not be selfish. Learn how to satisfy your woman in bed with these tips, so instead of taking and taking, your relationship will hit the perfect balance of mutual give and take.

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